KSR006 - V/A Thrash War - 4 way split 7" [last copies]

KSR007 - The Shitty Limits - limits appear 7" [2nd press]

KSR009 - Godstomper / Barbarian Lord - split 7" [last copies]

KSR011 - Valhalla Pacifists / Prumyslova Smrt - split LP

KSR012 - Burning Times - the end is the beginning 7" [last copies]

KSR013 - Spoonful Of Vicodin - s/t 7"

KSR016 - The Afternoon Gentlemen - white cider chronicles part II pro-tape

KSR017 - Man Hands / Human Junk - manjunk split pro-tape [2nd press]

KSR018 - God's America / Human Junk - split 7"

Monday, 9 December 2013


The label is long dead.

All remaining distro stock and records from my collection can be found on Discogs.


Sunday, 5 August 2012

split 7"

God's America rip through 6 songs of devastating powerviolence. The songs are hammered out at a ridiculously wild speed with wretched slow sections and absolutely seething vocals. Turn over and Human Junk produce a whirlwind of distorted thrash. 7 songs of ugly, ultra fast blasting punk in the Dropdead/Hellnation tradition.

Co-release between Negative Outlook, Third Eye Grind, Black Trash, Tombs In The Valley, Keep Screaming

Friday, 2 September 2011

manjunk split pro-tape

Two Kent bands going head to head on this split tape of a ultra-fast, sonic destruction. Man Hands rip it up with 4 songs full of catchy riffs, blast sections and over-the-top vocals - their best stuff yet. Human Junk deliver 7 songs of stripped down, vile thrash that's drenched in feedback and hammered out at a constant fast pace.

1st press of 100 w/ red covers: SOLD OUT
2nd press of 100 w/ light blue covers: AVAILABLE


Sunday, 15 May 2011

white cider chronicles part II - the joogle diaries pro-tape

The second discography instalment of ultra-blasting grindviolence. This time round its 37 tracks collected from the split 7"s with Cyborg and OSK, the 'Pissed Again' 7" and 2 unreleased live sets. All this noise is pressed onto 200 white pro-cassettes.

(Be aware that half of these are going with the band on their next 2 tours so there are only 100 for mail order!)